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 Valentines Fling is SOLD OUT! 

There are a gazillion talented folks in Winnipeg! I appreciate and thank each creative cat who applied for the November 24th  & Feb 10th Half Moon Markets.

Artisans are accepted based on a combination of qualities including

  1. you create something that pushes the boundary of craft
  2. you make something no one else at the market is making
  3. you make something that might not be easily found in other craft shows.

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The Half Moon intends to be affordable so that no artisan is excluded due to entry fees.  Crafting virgins and veterans are equally welcome at The Half Moon however I have a soft spot for the underdogs who are on a tight budget.




Helpful Tips For Half Moon Virgins 

push boundariesThe heart of the Half Moon is to think outside the craft box.

To learn more about this show, please check out the  Half Moon Market Facebook page and the photo feed on Instagram (Halfmoonmarketwpg). I hope you will see how this show is done for the love of it, for the fun of it and I drop the occasional F-bomb. A few artisans use colorful language in their art and I fully embrace this.

If you are brand new to the Half Moon Market, you will be given a head start on applications.  Half Moon “Virgins” who have never sold at a Half Moon Market before may email to be placed on the early bird list.

Helpful Tips For Returning Artisans 

Repeat offenders are more than welcome! Its wonderful to have folks who want to return but sometimes there arent many spots left after the Virgins have registered. Each Half Moon Market strives to be a different & diverse reincarnation of previous Half Moons. There are so many amazing artists in this city. If there is not room at the Half Moon, there are so many other neat opportunities to explore within the city. 15 years ago we didnt have all these markets and pop-ups!


In order to sell edible goodies, The Half Moon Market adhere’s to the province’s Farmers Market  Guidelines.

To learn about what types of foods can be sold with or without a permit, please review:   MB Health – Farmer Market Guidelines

The Half Moon Market registers all food and beverage vendors with MB Health. If you sell something edible please be prepared to submit a list of products you make, bake and create. Individual food vendor forms are no longer required by MB Health! 


Questions? Please email