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Vegan Handmade Market Applications here . If this link is up, there is still room left in the show.

How do applications work?

Registrations are underway for the April 18th Springtime Vegan Market. Some craft categories are full including soap, body care, jewelry, chocolate. All other creative cats are welcome to apply. Here is what i look at before registering an applicant:

  1. Are you a Half Moon Virgin? Preference will be given to those who have never sold at a Half Moon Market before.
  2. Do you make something that can not be found easily in stores?
  3. Do you have your own cult following? Artisans that bring with them a dedicated customer base help make the show successful. I love the craft virgins as much as I love the craft veterans!
  4. Do you make something the pushes boundaries somehow?
  5. Were you at a Half Moon Market recently? Now that I am running 4 shows a year, for the sake of craft diversity, I may try to switch up which artisans are participating. Again, I want each show to be its own creative entity. No two shows are the same so I will always strive to curate the most diverse collection of artisans possible.

How does Payment work?

For the Feb 23 Hibernation Celebration tables ranges from $30-$70 each. This show is at the West End Cultural Centre. For the Springtime Vegan Handmade Market tables are $35 – $45 . This show is at Robert A Steen Community Centre. Please note that all artisans – at both venues – are not given a booth space. You are purchasing a table. Some tables have wiggle room and some have none but all these details are in the application. No refunds possible for February or April shows.

Once an application is received, and after the 10 day window has passed, the Half Moon Market Mama Bear  looks to which artisans would blend best. The more flexible you are with you table choice, the better chance of participating in the show. Understandably, everyone wants prime retail space. If your top choices of tables are not available, other placements will be offered. An artisan will receive a confirmation email that kind looks like this:

Welcome Creative Cat! The Half Moon Market can offer you table # 1 on April 18th, 2020 for the price of $45. Payment is due by Jan 20 2020 by 8:31 pm. Acceptable methods of payment include delivery by unicorn or unicycle…. etc

Method to the madness: Payments required at time of purchase just like when you go to Safeway and buy a banana. If you want the product, you pay. Bananas arent put on hold and neither are tables. At Robert A Steen I have to pay for the venue up front in cash – in full. So recovering my costs as soon as possible is important to my pocket book. When I have made exceptions in the past for artisans, it didnt always go smoothly. Please ensure you can pay for the table at the time of application.

Payment accepted: interac e transfer, paypal or cash/chq

Food and Beverage Makers

I love having a variety of yummy things for sale at each market! I register all my markets with MB Health. A helpful resource about MB Health guidelines can be found here. An additional form will be required by all food and bevvy folk. This information is compiled and submitted with my market application to MB Health.

Springtime Vegan Handmade Market: April 18th 2020

Showtime: 10 – 4 at Robert A Steen Community Centre (980 Palmerston Ave)

Application link is right here and will remain open until the show is fully booked.

Artisans may need to refer to the images below when applying but i will include them in the mass email:

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