Half Moon Market: Origins and Vision

Between 2002 and 2012, I was selling Shiver Soap in church basements, community 1st Half Mooncentres  and small festivals as a hobby artisan.  I created the Half Moon based on what I wanted from craft show:  a high level of organization from  leaders, strong advertising effort despite small budgets and most importantly,  I wanted innovation, affordability and a sense of community. The craft shows that appealed to me most and where I felt “I fit in” were just too expensive. The first Half Moon Market was hosted at Luxalune in South Osborne.

I have a day job that I really like (on most days) so I don’t rely on this show to pay my bills.  This is a genuine labor of love.  In February 2016 Luxalune shut its doors to go into full time beer production as Farmery Beer. I secured a venue at The Black Rabbit but after it closed suddenly, I was a little screwed.  I had 25 artisans paid and committed and no venue. Then I found the Kings Head Pub. And what a gorgeous space for celebrating local creativity!F3A6B741-54AE-4ACD-A8DC-1085DB8C93CC

However, Half Moon evolution continues. November 24, 2018 we threw our last craft party at the pub. The Half Moon Market has now landed at the West End Cultural Centre. Artisans and guests will have a larger venue with wheelchair access and improved parking.

The Half Moon Market aims to showcase a diverse, ever changing group of artisans. There are a handful of Half Moon Markets each year and each event will offer an variety of new and returning artisans. My original intention and continued endeavor is to create a show that customers and vendors are equally excited to be a part of.


The Half Moon will never charge customers an admission price. It seems silly, to me, to pay to shop.

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2 thoughts on “Half Moon Market: Origins and Vision

  1. I also agree , People want to shop and purchase handmade and unique, we want to encourage them to come shop .But in Winnipeg, people think if I pay for admission we are getting a better craft show?

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