Shiver Soaps


Hello Soap Lovers!

When I started making soap over 15 years ago there weren’t many soap sellers. Times have changed! Handmade soap is everywhere. One of my  priorities as a customer and a creator is genuine affordability.  $8 for a bar of soap? That’s a little painful, especially when the label claims to be “natural” but the ingredient list proves otherwise.  It is important to me that handmade products be priced affordably and not be an occasional splurge. How much would I pay for a bar of soap? That’s how much I charge.

❤️ Getting hitched? Custom wedding soap is a joy to make. Complete with wedding cards and gift bags. This order included soap specially made for the couple who love to camp. I was able to incorporate cedar, charcoal and bacon drippings into one batch. The soap shown below was made with two of the bride’s favourite scents: lavender and patchouli.


Looking for a bar or two? Soap currently in stock includes:

🌟 Beer Bacon & Clove  made with beer, cocoabutter, peanutbutter, peanut oil , bacon drippings and clove essential oil

🌟 Loofah Soap  with coffee and charcoal. Unprocessed loofah used. Hemp oil, cocoa butter and a dash of frankincense included.

🌟 Shampoo Bars made with apple cider vinegar, beer and a cleasning blend of essential oils


Shiver Self Care  

  • Kaolin Body & Face Clay  – a multi use clay that is also a great alternative to baby powder!
  • Practically Edible Dry Shampoo –  I use it often!  Various colours.
  • Practically Edible Pit Paste – made with mango butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, cornstarch, clay and essential oils. Baking soda free. For the first time ever, I love my pits!
  • Foaming Hand wash  – made with almond oil and patchouli
  • NEW! Beard Oil – made with a really posh blend of oils and it smells heavenly!














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