Shiver Soaps


Hello Soap Lovers!

When I started making soap over 15 years ago there weren’t many soap sellers. Times have changed! Handmade soap is everywhere. One of my  priorities as a customer and a creator is genuine affordability.  $8 for a bar of soap? That’s a little painful, especially when the label claims to be “natural” but the ingredient list proves otherwise.  It is important to me that handmade products be priced affordably and not be an occasional splurge. How much would I pay for a bar of soap? That’s how much I charge.

Each soap has its own story:

🌟 Chardonnay ( made by my boyfriends dad) and Mango butter. Includes rose clay  ylang ylang and dried flowers. When I receive a bouquet of flowers they always end up in the craft rooom after their freshness fades.  My coworkers bring their expired bouquets as well as they know I will put them to good use ❤️

🌟 pure olive oil soap ( aka Castile soap).  This soap takes one year to cure due to the softness of the olive oil

🌟 Green Goddess soap made Spirulina powder, green mica, Canadian honey, beeswax and  litsea essential oil.

🌟 Loofah soap with coffee and charcoal. Unprocessed loofah used. Hemp oil, cocoa butter and a dash of frankincense included

🌟 Hemp and hisbiscus. Topped with dried hibiscus purchased at the Nuremberg market in May 2018. We spent two weeks in Germany! A little cedar essential oil added.





Other Shiver treats

  • Sugar Scrubs – individual heart shaped scrubs that break / melt into your hand in the shower. An exfoliating and sweet little treat made from soap base, sunflower oil, white sugar and perfume oil.
  • Baking Soda Epsom Soak –  a simple bath soak blended with dried flowers and essential oils. Each jar comes with a small drawstring pouch. Pour in as little or lots as you prefer and save your self the task of  rinsing lavender buds from your bathtub. Packaged in recycled jars so all you pay for is the product!
  • Lotion Bars – a gorgeous blend of cocoabutter, beeswax, coconut & hemp oil.
  • Deodorant Paste – made with mango butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, cornstarch, clay and essential oils. Baking soda free. For the first time ever, I love my pits!









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