Shiver Soaps: the craft that started a market

I began making soap in my early 20s but it had been a curious crafty obsession since I was a child. I collected bar soaps from hotels, decorative soaps, large bars,  intricate mini soaps and sample sized shampoos. Soap was the best gift I could ever receive! Finally in a bachelor suite in West Broadway, I started planning Shiver Soaps. I took books out from the library. I learned how to calculate recipes manually  (now I just plug everything into an online soap calculator) and one paycheck at a time bought a couple start up supplies. At that time FoodFare sold little bottles of lye for $6 which was perfect for a beginner! They soon discontinued their lye so I had to find another supplier which currently only sells lye in minimum $100 quantities.  I have enough lye stored in my bedroom to get rid of numerous bodies!

I have changed my soap logo, branding and style a million times but always remained Shiver Soaps. Its been so fun!

Spring 2021 Soap Menu

What I have in stock changes. I make small batches with ingredients I have in my kitchen. Each recipe is custom made and unique.

Current bars and batches are fresh out of the mold and need 6 weeks to cure. All soap will be ready by the first day of summer! 

Face Love with Hearts. Same batch as swirls above!
This batch was so much fun! It is 100% Prairie Made!. I rendered the beef tallow purchased from Millers Meats. Sunflower oil and honey are from Manitoba. Made with local stout beer and topped with dried horsetail.
Coffee and Cocoa Butter – vegan blend of oils including grapeseed, frankincense, clove and a handful of raw cocoa butter. Made with triple strength coffee and coffee grinds. This soap is ideal for gardeners and mechanics. Its a great little scrub bar and coffee with help neutralize odors.
Shiver Shampoo Bar – made with apple cider vinegar and a blend of oils great for washing hair. Please note bar soap will cleanse hair differently than shampoo as it contains no detergents!

Everyone needs soap but does your soap make you shiver?

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