Shiver Soaps : Herstory

The little seed of soap-making began when I started collecting soap as a child. Shelves and shelves of soap lined by bedroom walls. Since I was little, I have loved creating things.

I was 19 when I moved to Montreal and lived there for 2 years.  I did my first craft sale in my college basement and sold lip balms, bath salts and other creations. At first I called my little hobby “Spider Web Naturals” ( I saw a spider web in my bedroom and the Montreal incarnation began) but it didn’t have the ring I wanted. So I decided upon Shiver Soaps once the real soap making began in Winnipeg a few years later.

Eventually in my early 20s while living in a bachelor suite in West Broadway I began collecting the start up supplies for soap making. I read books from the library and spent hours researching online.  Soon enough, I started making soap and fell in love immediately. Shiver Soap was officially born.

Now I am 36! Soap has become one of my creative outlets – a genuine happy place. So many more folks make soap now, compared to 10 years ago, so I am dabbling in bath time alchemy and trying a lot of new products.

heart rebel

I live with Borderline Personality Disorder and creativity is such an important part of  expressing and coping with my mental health. Art gives me a sense of excitement and accomplishment. I love experimenting and am always researching a new project or product. Having something I feel passionate about is a wonderful gift. On the good days and dark days it motivates me to find new possibilities.



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