Half Moon Market: Upcoming Fun

June 2 2019 @ the WECC Springtime in the West End

Artisan Sponsor: Bejeweled Goddess!

DF1EF22E-447B-4EA2-B90F-1A43DFAB0463    bejeweled

June 2 Artisans:

Cherry Bomb Designs / Silver Renaissance / Sunny Thistle Crochet / Swai Designs / Blackbird Designs / Crunchy Toba Granola / Plant Power Foods / Helpful beans / Yurkowski Family Farm / LonelyCloud Art and Miniatures / Salvaged / Cooks Creek Kimchi / North Star Tea Co / Mighty Sparrow / Love Your Buns / Sam Secter Ceramics / LittleSaraSoda / Sew Dandee / 1882 Fruit-Based Hot Sauce / Corkeys Crafts / Black Card Ink. / Little Gallery of Big Messes / Jacked up Jill Coffee / Happy Universe Studio / Whimsical Windows and Words / Scott A. Ford / Ruff Stuff / The Placeholder Show / Shandra MacNeill / Juniper & Black / Ndn Diva Crafts / WolseleyCraft / Glass and Earth by Mr. Gnomekiller / It Makes Scents / Logan’s Lab / Shiver Soaps / Leotto Designs



Dec 1 2019 @ the WECC Cat and Craft Show

Yes – there is a cat themed craft show and it is beyond puuurrrrrfect.  Check out these sassy mugs that will be for sale! meowthafucker

The wonderful West End Cultural Centre has given us permission to have (caged) cats from shelters that are currently up for adoption. Non profit cat resues shelters will receive 40% off their table fee and will be able to bring one cat each!

Sponsorship opportunities available to vets, independent pet retailers, artisans and rescues. Email sheila@halfmoonmarketwpg.com for more info.

For more applicant info please click here.




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