Half Moon Market: Upcoming Fun

June 2 2019 @ the WECC Springtime in the West End

Artisan Sponsor: Bejeweled Goddess!

DF1EF22E-447B-4EA2-B90F-1A43DFAB0463    bejeweled

June 2 Artisans:

Cherry Bomb Designs / Silver Renaissance / Sunny Thistle Crochet / Swai Designs / Blackbird Designs / Crunchy Toba Granola / Plant Power Foods / Helpful beans / Yurkowski Family Farm / LonelyCloud Art and Miniatures / Salvaged / Cooks Creek Kimchi / North Star Tea Co / The Burch Tree / Love Your Buns / Sam Secter Ceramics / LittleSaraSoda / Sew Dandee / 1882 Fruit-Based Hot Sauce / Corkeys Crafts / Black Card Ink. / Little Gallery of Big Messes / Jacked up Jill Coffee / Happy Universe Studio / Whimsical Windows and Words / Scott A. Ford / Ruff Stuff / The Placeholder Show / Shandra MacNeill / Juniper & Black / Ndn Diva Crafts / WolseleyCraft / Glass and Earth by Mr. Gnomekiller / It Makes Scents / Logan’s Lab / Shiver Soaps / Leotto Designs


Dec 1 2019 @ the WECC Cat and Craft Show

Sponsorship opportunities available to vets, independent pet retailers, artisans and rescues. Email sheila@halfmoonmarketwpg.com for more info.

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